Backpack Sprayer
Backpack Sprayer
Backpack Sprayer
  • Detachable nozzle holder
  • Big tank cap
  • Independent operation box
  • Equipped with Mini. 4-stroke Honda GX 25 Engine
Use & Maintenance

Model Specifications

Model : WJR2525T
Type: WAET
Frame Type: GCS, GCD, GCB, GCL, GCV, GCM
LxWxH (mm)*1: 12.0
Chemical Tank Capacity (lit.): 25
Pump Parameters
Type: Plunger Type
Pressure in shut-off valve close condition (MPa): 2.5/7000 rpm
Suction Amount (lit./min): 6.6/7000 rpm
Engine Parameters
Model/Type: GX25T/Air-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke OHV
Displacement (cm3): 25.0
Engine Net Power/Engine Speed (KW/rpm)*3: 0.72/7000
Maximum Net Torque/Engine Speed (KW/rpm)*3 1.0/5000
Fuel Tank Capacity (lit.): Recoil
*1: Hose and nozzle included.
*2: Including pump oil.
*3: The engine power data shown here is measured with a typical engine at 7000 rpm (maximum power), 5500 rpm/5000 rpm (Maximum torque) based on the SAEJ1349 standard. The output power of the mass production engine may differ from these values. The actual power output of the complete machine may vary depending on the engine speed, use environment, maintenance conditions, and other factors.

Salient Features


Special Features


With consideration to reducing the load to the operator.
Adopts "S"-shaped shoulder belt and large back pad designed to fit the body comfortably.


Detachable nozzle holder: The nozzle and hose which gets in the way when moving can be contained neatly.
Big tank cap.
Independent operation box.
Handles located on both sides of the tank’s lower body for easy lifting.

Fuel Economy

Equipped with Mini. 4-stroke Honda GX 25 Engine.


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