Trouble free operation

Tips for trouble free Genset/Pumping Set operation

Always Follow Safety Precautions Always check engine oil level, before starting the engine. Top it up, if less. - Do not use fuel taken from other sources (2-wheeler etc.)
- Filter fuel before pouring
Do not mix engine oil with petrol/kerosene Never fill less/more engine oil than capacity
Follow correct starting procedure
- Use choke for cold starting
- Drain kerosene through drain cock*
Never bring open flame near to genset
/pumping set/engine
- Do not use genset/pumping set/engine inside an enclosed
- Ensure adequate ventilation while engine is in operation
- Use genuine parts
- Avail service/repairfrom authorised dealer only.
* Wherever applicable
- For service/maintenance schedule and safety precautions, please refer owner's manual.
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